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3 out of 4 kids state they wish social media was never invented

When asked, kids are stating that their friends have little to no consequence for bad social media behavior.

Teens are saying that adults are not asking them about the POSITIVE things they are doing with their media.

Common Sense Media reports that teens are spending 9 hours a day on social media.

94 percent of teens who have a mobile device go online daily according to ​the Pew Rsearch Center

Parents admit to feeling lost and confused when it comes to understanding their teens social media life.

Recent survey of middle school age teens states that 78 percent of parents have no idea what their children are doing online.

What people are saying......

Kristi Bush with KNB Communications has provided social media 101 workshops for paren​ts, teachers, and students in Baldwin County public schools. She presents meaningful information to bring about awareness with the appropriate use of social media. 

She provide​s a variety of resources for students and teachers to use social media in a positive manner. Her presentations have been very beneficial and we look forward to future sessions!

Mitchelle Hall, Teacher, Baldwin County Public School System

Carie Gancy, mom of two boys ages 10 & 12

I loved everything about this (coaching) program. I am clueless to all social media and this was ​incredibly educational! The delivery was fantastic. Very involved. All of the facts and data presented were so informative. I highly recommend Kristi's program to all coaches!

Baseball Coach, Spani​sh Fort, AL

Do not wait till it's too late! It is so incredibly important to be PROACTIVE in today's social media world.

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